clear off

clear off
remove from sight
Syn: ↑clear away
Hypernyms: ↑remove, ↑take, ↑take away, ↑withdraw
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Somebody ——s something PP

* * *

[usu. in imperative] informal go away

"Clear off!" he yelled

* * *

clear off [phrasal verb]
1 clear off (something) or clear (something) off (something) : to remove things from (an area or surface)

It took her a few minutes to clear off the dinner table.

It took her a few minutes to clear the dishes off the dinner table.

I'll clear off my desk so that you can use it.

2 chiefly Brit, informal
2 a : to go away or run away : to leave quickly

When we heard the night watchman, we cleared off as quickly as we could.

I told him to clear off [=get lost] and leave me alone.

2 b clear off (a place) : to leave (a place) quickly

I ordered the hikers to clear off [=get off] my land at once.

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Main Entry:clear

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ˌclear ˈoff derived
(informal) to go or run away

He cleared off when he heard the police siren.

You've no right to be here. Clear off!

Main entry:clearderived

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